Ellie Geary

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Ellie Geary (b. 1988, UK) is a visual artist from Leicestershire, currently based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Ellie works primarily with paper creating collages from a variety of found images and cut out shapes. She also makes sculptural works that engage with light, shadow, and negative space.

Composition and layout are crucial factors in the creation of her work. Taking cues from graphic design, architecture, and built structures, Ellie’s pieces usually exist within a grid-like framework where visual and physical balance is explored and celebrated.

Alongside her art practice, Ellie designs and makes functional homeware items under the name Loaf Studio. She also produces work on commission and in digital format as cover art, some of which are listed here.

︎ Shop

Small-scale pieces are regularly added to the online shop. For other sales enquiries, please get in touch.

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For commissions, collaborations or anything else, please email to info@elliegeary.co.uk

Photography by Nat Wood (@wondergirlphoto)

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