Ellie Geary
In Dialogue
Exhibition project with Bac Ho Un, 2016

‘Space One presents Bac Ho Un (South Korea) and Ellie Geary (UK) 'in dialogue'. Each of the artists is given a space and a fifteen-day duration to freely interact and create a dialogue within the surrounding space. With the action of 'cutting' as the common medium to communicate, Geary and Bac examine social and cultural issues affecting contemporary society ... The exhibition project further experiments with the exhibition making process itself: Geary begins with an empty space gradually filling it to completion as Bac begins in a full space gradually emptying to completion.’

Text from: www.artspaceone.org/in-dialogue

Exhibition poster designed by Showna Kim

‘In Dialogue’ was organised by Showna Kim and Inyoung Yeo at Space One Gallery, Seoul.
Reaction #1, 2016
1.12 minute video (loop), projector, wood, paint. 75 x 210 x 150 cm

Reaction #1 (video)

Selected video stills:

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