Ellie Geary

Cover Artwork

Angèle David-Guillou - Sans Mouvement (2020)

A paper collage featured on an EP by Musician and Composer, Angèle David-Guillou. Her pieces were performed on the organ of the Union Chapel in London.

angeledavid-guillou.bandcamp.com >>

Whipping Post - Cheating the war game (2019)

Images courtesy of Whipping Post

A wood sculpture created for the Leeds-based band, Whipping Post and their 12" LP 'Cheating the War Game' released on Donor Records.

whipping-post.bandcamp.com >>

 Untitled (Post), 2019
Oil paint on wood. 27 x 15 x 13 cm

Alex Nënoo - Mondays (2018)

Paper collages and digital artwork created for the London-based musician Alex Nënoo and the single, 'Mondays'.

Alex Nënoo on Spotify >>

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