Composition Studies
Paper collages, 2021

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How they grow, Living jewels
Swimming, slithering Steadily though the waves.
Meeting points
Endless cycles.
Measure the distance Between a two-way mirror,
A thorn in the fold.

Red stripes Hovering above
Camera shelves Reflecting leaves.
Hear it drop
Surface water Breaking the glare.
Push up gently
Cold breeze Repeated
Pink fragments
Balancing branches Shaped by the elements.
Light beams In the night.

Paper collages, poem, publication

Taking Pictures

Mirror, 2018
Found images on paper
18 x 18cm

Untitled (Interior), 2017
Found images on paper
18 x 24cm


Facetime, 2017
Found images on paper
20 x 20cm

Windy Night, 2017
Found images on paper
14.5 x 22cm

Reflections with Ivy, 2016
Found images on card
18 x 26.5cm

In Purple Light, 2016
Found images on paper
17.5 x 17.5cm

Around Britain’s Seaside, 2015
Found images and acrylic paint on card
10 x 15cm

Built Environments
Paper collages, 2012-2016
Cut Out For You
Paper collages, 2016-ongoing